George Whitten

George Whitten is Founder and Director of, a thriving on-line news ministry since 1999, focusing on Israel, Christian persecution, prophecy, outreach and discipleship, reaching over 120 countries around the globe. He is a visionary, writer and speaker. He brings a fresh and intrinsic perspective on current events in the Middle East, giving insights about both the political and spiritual atmosphere in the Land, all the while balancing it with a personal, down-to-earth message that touches the hearts of every audience.

George’s wife of fourteen years is Israeli-born Baht Rivka, is an accomplished musician and worship leader. Her compelling music has blessed the nations as she has ministered at international conferences, convocations and outreaches around the globe.
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Dr. Thomas Ice

Dr. Tommy Ice is the executive director of a Bible prophecy research center wch he co-founded with Tim LaHaye in 1994 to research, teach, and proclaim end-time Bible prophecy with a focus on the Pretribulational Rapture. Tommy has written or co-written over 40 books and hundreds of articles and publications on the subject. Dr. Ice is a frequent speaker at Bible conferences throughout the world. He engages in frequent debates on the Rapture of the Church. He has served as a pastor for 17 years. Dr. Ice has a B.A. from Howard Payne University, a Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary, a Ph.D. from Tyndale Theological Seminary, and has done post-doctrial work at the University of Wales in the United Kingdom. Dr. Ice lives in Justin, TX with his wife Janice. They have three grown sons.
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Dr. David Lehman

David graduated from the University of Minnesota with an engineering degree. He worked for for McDonnell Douglas before attending and graduating from Grace Theological Seminary with a M.Div degree. David also received a Masters in Biblical Counseling from Grace.He went on and earned two Ph.D’s. He worked for and taught HVAC Engineering at Purdue University. He still consults for engineering companies but his love is the Biblical apologetics, and Bible prophecy.
David taught Creation, Cults, and World Religions every week for 20 years while on the campus of Purdue University. Dave now lives in Southern California where his focus has been debating atheists and evolutionists. David has had over 25 debates on those subjects. He has has authored and compiled many notebooks and manuals on numerous subjects that will be available at the conference.

Joe Witchurch

Joe Whitchurch has a BA in Biblical Studies and an MA in Christian Thought with an emphasis on Systematic Theology and Philosophy of Religion. He's been engaged in university ministry for over 38 years in five states and has been a requested campus preacher/teacher at 7 of the Big Ten Universities. He has also been a requested bible teacher in three additional countries. For the last two years he has served as Indiana and Ohio Regional Director for a dynamic new campus ministry called Ratio Christi which is an apologetic specialty ministry that is less than 7 years old. "Ratio Christi" is Latin and means "the reason of Christ.” Ratio Christi trains students and faculty to give scientific, historical, and philosophical reasons for trusting the Scriptures, the Christian worldview, and the person and work of Jesus Christ. R.C. is on over 150 campuses across the USA and internationally with chapters in many countries. Joe is R.C.'s Campus Ministry Communications liaison with all of Ratio Christi's Regional Directors. Joe is married to Kim Whitchurch (39 years) and they have two adult children and three grandsons.  He loves doing Bible expositions, training others in doing conversational evangelism and apologetics and teaching biblical prophecy. Joe also is a musician with a serious focus on keyboards.

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